Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lifting Governmental Immunity

I have been thinking that Governmental Immunity needs to be lifted, and people need to be held accountable, maybe not just in the dependency courts, but in all things. I have been reading cases against governmental agencies for wrongful death and the victim's families are awarded damages. Why isn't the foster care system held to this same standard when they inflict emotional distress on a child or a family? I know of a case right now, I think I've written about it before, where a man got an Appellate Court Order to return his child. He has now spent over $1million and attended over 130 court hearings on. It has been more than 30 days. WFT!!!! Are they above the decision of an Appellate Court? Three justices of that Court concurred that the child should be returned. Why hasn't CPS complied? I have come to believe that they love to inflict emotional distress because they can. I'm not saying that all social workers do, but from what I've seen, and the people that have contacted me both the family and the children now, I believe it is common. I have heard from dozens and dozens of children that were taken by CPS and still bearing the emotional scars. So I think Governmental Immunity must be lifted and these children (many of whom now are adults) be heard in our Courts.

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