Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Grand Jury's Conclusion

About two weeks ago, I have discovered that there is an index that people's names are submitted to at the Department of Justice. After reading about this index on the DOJ's website, and on many other websites, it appears that people can be put on that index without that person knowing, and many times, that person may be innocent. This is an index that does not appear to afford a person due process, and it can effect someone very seriously as anyone reading this blog can see. On the DOJ website, it states and makes it clear that the DOJ does not have any responsibility for the accuracy about the information kept on that index and throws that responsibility back to the "reporting agency." I don't know if I am on that index, I have never seen it on paper, but I am suspecting that I am because of the way DCFS and the dependency court has treated me and my case with my grandson.

Take a look at what a grand jury concluded in the year 2009-2010 about the Child Abuse Central Index. It does not make one feel, well, comfortable at all about all of our Civil Rights. The link is:


(If you really want to see this link you may have to physically copy it and then put it in the browser window to be able to pull it up. If that doesn't work google: "child abuse central index". You will find all kinds of information that is very distressing and well it should be.)

I know there has to be a legal remedy for this. It's just finding it could take years while my grandson grows up, who knows where? It is very distressing. It is just unbelieveable. I thought that we were all afforded due process in these United States and I thought we had Civil Rights, but I am rethinking that. And it could happen to any of us at any time.


  1. Well they passed a law that went into effect Jan 2012, says that only SUBSTANTIATED cases are to be reported to the DOJ. All others, unfounded, unsubstantiated, ones without closure must be removed as well, even from past reports. This is only for California, AB 717, chartered.

  2. Please update the status of your case with your grandson - this sounds like a nightmare. I am in law enforcement and work closely with many CPS workers - there have been a few bad apples - as there are in every profession, but most were good and caring. I suppose you have already tried going to the top of their chain to file complaints and attorneys have gotten you nowhere? This makes no sense, have you gone to the media, tried to get someone like Oprah to take on your story?