Thursday, November 19, 2009


There was a rumor today that the two year old and five month old were going to be moved from the current foster care to another foster care. I heard my son tell several social workers and his attorney that he wanted the children place with me, his mother. I don't know how it turned out. I couldn't bear to stay and listen. It is too painful. These bunch of idiots have the power to control these children's lives. Endless Court hearings where nothing gets done. Week after week of seeing the children for my one hour monitored visits, that they never get the kids to on time and occasionally miss. I need endless money to fight this all too powerful huge corrupt abomination of an agency that is ungoverned by anyone. It is the feeling of many people who sit out in those halls of the Court house that this matter is being dealt with in, is that CPS sells babies. I wouldn't have believed it, until now. I saw a 13 year old (that is what I overheard her age to be) out in the hall crying because she wanted to be returned to her family and the judge wouldn't even let her talk in Court. How awful. I believe someone that old should have the right to address the Court, especially when the outcome has to do with her. She had many family members around her, who looked just like people I used to see at my parent's church, trying to console her, one was an aunt and one was a grandparent. What could possibly have been the reason that she couldn't have gone with one of them? And if not, why couldn't the Court talk to this child and explain, instead of leaving her to cry in the Court House hallway. We treat our dogs in shelters better than this. I have recently read two articles by Kim Christensen and Garrett Therolf in the Los Angeles Times about the number of children that die while in the custody of CPS in Los Angeles County. It is alarming, very alarming to say the least.

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