Thursday, November 19, 2009


The kids continue to be in the same foster care placement. The visits have been all messed up, every single time I go to visit them. Last week, CPS didn't get the kids to the office for my visit. My son had told me that he had noticed something in the peri area of the two year old. So yesterday, when I went to visit, I took the two year old along with the Public Health Nurse, in to a private area to look for what my son was telling me he saw in his visit last Monday. There was bruising to the pelvic and coccyx area and some kind of rash on the inner thigh areas. The child was being taken to the County Facility to be examined by the SCAN unit (sexual abuse unit) yesterday after I left. I have been so upset I can't think straight by this. It is abominable. How can the County of Los Angeles, State of California allow this to go on? A State investigator with the Department of Social Services called me last Monday. The foster home that the children have been placed in is being investigated, and yet the County continues to have them in that placement. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE????

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  1. sounds familiar. Is this with the Hughes Family home in Granada hills?