Friday, October 16, 2009


On Friday, October 9, 2009, a social worker from CPS called inquiring if I would adopt the children. I replied that I would be willing to adopt my grandson. The two year old little girl has two siblings that have already been placed with her grandmother in Kentucky and that grandmother has indicated to me that they are excited and would gladly welcome this child into their home. In light of the fact that my son, the father of this child, was so difficult to raise and continues to be to this day, I have decided that should the child be placed with me, he may need my undivided attention, not to mention that raising two children at my age would be difficult as I have no one else to help me in this endeavor. I would be doing this alone, very alone this time, as my father who was there with me raising my children before, passed away in 2003. So in light of this, I am hiring an attorney, and will proceed to adopt if that is what comes to be. Please pray for these children that the paths that are chosen for them, will be loving, caring, and with people that are truly devoted to their bests interests.

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