Wednesday, September 30, 2009


CPS is so inconsistent, that even my weekly visits have become a torture. It seems that every single week something happens. Today when I get there, the social worker is not there and so the visit is being monitored by the foster parent, the same foster parent that clipped the end of the child's nail too close, the same one that the child was in the care of when the possible bump on the head took place., we had to sit out in the lobby with this person. About half-way through the childrens' mother comes in to the lobby and starts to come over to us. At that point this foster mother announces that we are not to be together visiting the kids. I am not aware of anything that says anything like this, and in the past we have been allowed to have the visits together. I have nothing against having the mother there when I visit with the kids. This was very disruptive and upsetting to the two year old. She doesn't understand why her mother can't come over and give her a hug and kiss. It seems like this agency does whatever it can to cause hurt!

I have now had, I don't know how many, foster parents contact me with the same kind of inconsistent stories about CPS. It's not just parents and families. It happens on both sides.

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