Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today when I went to see the baby and his little sister, the end of his finger had been cut, like a little oval circle right at the end of the nail, and the little tiny nail was almost gone. I mentioned it to the social worker and she said that it had been cut too close when they were cutting his fingernails. I just cringed when she said that, and cried when I got to the car. How can they do this to a baby and allow the baby to stay with the same inefficient foster caregiver? I didn't take a picture this time, although I should have. I will document it with a letter and ask that a photograph be taken of it for the record. I went to the Court and obtained all of the forms to do what they call a 388 Petition to return placement to me. At least the Court will have all of the documentation and information that I have mentioned previously to review in making this decision. Again, how awful!!!

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