Thursday, July 30, 2009


Someone has asked me (in another forum that I post and write on) how the parents were doing with the baby when the baby was taken from my son and his wife in the first place? My thoughts about that are: they were doing well with the baby. My son has a job, she was staying home with the baby, and they seemed to be doing well. I was seeing them every couple of days and my son just about everyday. Then you would ask, why would CPS come in and take the baby. It is because of their pasts. They don't do drugs or alcohol. That isn't it, and I know that sounds odd. And I guess it is.

Another thing mentioned (on the other forum) was that it seems like I am hiding information on this blog. I'm not hiding information, I just don't know how detailed and specific I should be in a public forum. Everything I say is what I believe to be true. I just do not include all of the specifics.

Today the Supervising Social Worker called me and told me that the baby had been seen by a doctor and that the doctor found nothing wrong. I showed a social worker totally unrelated to this case, the pictures of the baby that caused me to become so upset, and I asked her if she could see what I could see. She immediately thought that the area I was looking at, was a bruise, as I had thought. I had about five pictures of the baby, taken at different angles, they all looked like this was a bruise. I also asked her, if she thought I was over reacting. I showed her all of the letters I have written to everyone involved, and asked her if I sounded crazy. She responded that I had done the right thing asking that the baby be seen by a doctor, because it is better to err on the side of caution, which is what CPS said, almost word for word, in the first place, when they first detained the baby. She said that my letters to the Court were very well written and thought out. They detailed event, by event, as I have kept notes the entire time. The first letter written to CPS asked for the records that CPS supposedly had against me alleging child abuse, because I know that those allegations are false. I never abused anyone, much less a child in my entire life. It also asked that the baby be returned to my care and in exact words this is a sentence from that letter: "I feel that no foster parent can care for this child and love this child in the way that I can and do, as a parental (sic) grandmother. With all of the above in mind, I am asking that this child be returned to my care forthwith."

The first posting on this blog, are the first paragraphs of the second letter. That letter was addressed to the Court. I set out the events as they happened, and then questioned the decision of the Court because I really think the Referree did not take everything into consideration when placing the baby in foster care, and removing the two year old from a wonderful foster home. I know my son and his wife want the children to be together. I can understand that, but at this point, the baby doesn't know what is going on, but the two year will be effected by this, and I think that the Court should have considered that, at this time. It should consider what is in the best interest of the child, and I strongly feel that both of the above decisions were wrong. Of course, things change as time goes on. What I am truly hoping is that my son and his wife will get their children back, after they have done everything necessary to be in that position. I think my son will grow into a very good father. He cares so much about these two children, more than he has cared about anything in his life. Finally, something means more to him than he does. This is wonderful. I just don't want them to lose their children to the system because the system doesn't play fair. I have brought it up to my son, what if you do everything they tell you to do, only to have them put the kids up for adoption? I didn't know it, but that was one of his thoughts when he asked that the children be put together, and he was afraid that the foster home that the two year old was in, would be able to keep her if she stayed there any longer. His feeling was that if they would be adopted out, then they would have each other, because he feels that they would be adopted together. I don't really know if that would happen.

Someone advised me today to shut this blog down and seek legal counsel, which I am doing. I don't usually come out fighting this hard about ANYTHING. But this has struck a real deep nerve in my soul, and I just can't let it go. And isn't this the United States of America where freedom of speech is one of our Supreme rights?

I recently posted something on my facebook page, it read like this: I am so sick of the government being up in business. They tell me I have to wear my seatbelt, (I feel that if I want to negligently contribute to my own demise or injury, then that should be my right), they know if I deposit more than $10,000 into my bank account in a day, and if I sell a property and make a profit, they take what they think they are owed before I can file a tax return and show them that I didn't owe them at all, and it went on. This how I feel!!!! Is there anyone out there that feels the same way? Or maybe I'm just a radical in my old age.

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