Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So finally, after two weeks almost to the hour, I had a visit with my grandson who is now 7 1/2 weeks old. And he is pretty cute!!! However, I think that for the wise Referree who ordered one hour a week, supervised visits, with a grandmother who is a Registered Nurse and has a PALS certification that is a (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certification, and worked at the County's Olive View-UCLA Medical Center on their pediatric unit, she sure doesn't have much faith in me that I am able to care for a child and could have longer, unsupervised visits, and I ask WHY????? If they felt that I was a real danger to any child would the County of Los Angeles have employed me on their pediatric unit and in their NICU even???? The answer is, they wouldn't have, and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME OTHER THAN THE CPS IS MAKING ME CRAZY!!!! I am perfectly fine to care for all children put in my care. So what's the problem. Why can't I have my grandson for unsupervised longer visits, or even better, why can't he live in my beautiful home that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH. GO FIGURE!!!! I thought the County was broke and didnt' want to spend money things like foster care. I actually had applied for assistance for child care on the two days per week that I had to pay $175 to have him cared for, while I worked. I was home the other five days per week. All we used to do was feed, look at the sky and the clouds, and the stars at night (because it is so hot out here), sing songs, watch the puppy we have (which looked for him for the first few days he was gone), sit in the bouncy seat, rock in the rocker, sing some more songs, watch PBS kid's shows, take naps because Granmma was tired, feel the cool breeze blow in from the outside when it finally cooled down, visit with mommy, visit with daddy.......... SO WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH ANY OF THAT???? AND NOW A REFERREE, NOT EVEN A JUDGE, IN ALL HER WISDOM DECIDED THAT FOSTER CARE IS BETTER FOR THIS BABY!!!!

I had someone look into the record that CPS has on me from 94 and 95 and was told that both were unsubstantiated, could have been called in from anywhere, and may have been called in about my son's father, not me, at all. And then the allegation in 1996, once I started looking at the information provided to me this morning, I do recall that there was something called a "wrap around" done because my son was in a school that needed more assistance in services from the County. It may have nothing to do with me having child abuse allegations at all. I was trying to get more help for my son at the time who was in a school because the school district put him in a private placement because they needed more help with him. I never knew that this would show up as a "HIT" on any child abuse registry with CPS. WHO KNEW?????

I think that to give a grandmother only one hour a week visitation for her grandson, FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG????? is ALL MESSED UP!!!!!

Also, the baby appeared to have a bug bite on his face, and the beginning of a diaper rash.

I just spoke to Tamara Backstrom of Michael Antonovich's office. She said this had been referred to a man named Mr. Marin. I will post when I get information from this person.

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