Friday, July 31, 2009


My son got his hour-and-a-half visit with his child tonight. He also lost his job today because all of the hearings, and the meetings on the phone, personal service of the restraing order etc. etc. have caused too much of a disruption. How awful huh? If I worked more than two days a week, I would lose my job also. They seem to call meetings whenever they want, they just call everyone and tell us that we have to be in their office within a few hours, and schedule hearings without consulting anyone. So now he has lost his job that he loved. He tells me I have to go and get the restraining order against him that CPS told me to get, so that I can get the kids back into my home. That isn't what I want to do. That's awful too. They tear apart your family and they tear apart your life, and as my aunt pointed out in an e-mail today that they don't have to answer to anyone.

My son called me first thing when he saw the baby this evening in his monitored visit, and told me that the baby's head looks okay. He didn't see anything unusual. So, maybe whatever it was, is healing up. But I have the pictures, and I won't forget. He said that the woman that is watching him is doing it for a paycheck but that she seems to be attentive to the baby, and takes good care of him. He also said that she commented that I have caused so much trouble, I will never the baby back. How professional of them.

So what would they do, or anyone do, if you had pictures that showed what looked like a hematoma on the head of a baby. It wasn't there two weeks ago the last time I saw him, before they took him away. It wasn't in any of the pictures taken prior to that time. And, I have now showed the pictures that I took on my visit last Wednesday, to a PICU nurse, a doctor, a nursing instructor and a social worker, and all of them say the same thing. It looks like a bruise or a hematoma. However, when my son saw the baby tonight, it appeared to be normal. I need to measure the circumference of the head everyday to see if it changes, because possibly it is something on the inside that can't be seen in the coloring of the skin. A CT scan would tell if there was anything there as far as swelling. I know they are not taking the same level of care that I would take. None of them are probably even aware of what hydroencephalitis is? And I don't think he has this, but just in looking at a picture and not being able to see the baby, it is very upsetting, worrisome and has caused me much emotional grief.

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