Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Did You Know??????

Did you know that in the State of California, that if anyone, anyone calls in to the Child Abuse Hotline and alleges that you are abusing your child, that that record is kept forever, even if you never know anything about it. So if someone that really hates you, like your ex-mother-in-law, calls in a child abuse report, it is logged in to the system at CPS and stays there FOREVER!!!! So even if you did nothing, it is there. I never knew that anything like this existed before my grandson was taken away from his father and his wife, and I became his "foster mom" for four weeks, and then CPS out of nowhere, starts making all of these allegations that I am a child abuser because in 1994, 1995 and 1996 allegations were made against me (they even got my name wrong), but supposedly, they purport that these allegations exist, even though they cannot produce any kind of paper record of it. No one ever spoke to me about any of this and I never went to any kind of Court hearing about it or talked to any social worker about it back in those years. I have consulted a lawyer and will fight this vigorously because it is SO UNTRUE!!! I have come to believe that they may find that my son and his wife are not reconcilable with the child and if they eliminate me and the other grandmother, (which they have given me reason to believe they are in the process of doing), then they have a beautiful little baby boy to put up for adoption. My question is: WHO IS GETTING PAID FOR THIS BABY? SOMEONE MUST BE, FOR CPS TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS. THINK ABOUT IT. SCAREY ISN'T IT!!!!


  1. Hi Cynthia,
    I am confident you will fight this and that the situation will clarify itself. Sorry to hear about everything.
    Regards, AP Jent

  2. Thanks for your vote of confidence, but this is above my head. I've never seen anything like it in my life!!!!

  3. I understand COMPLETLY what ur going thru I went thru the same thing as ur son. I never even spanked my daughter and they took her away from me she was in a foster home for 6 or 7 mths (who WAS abusing her) and because at that time children in the foster homes were comming up dead i decided that it was in her best intrest to sign custody over to my parents (who also had to fight to get er they were tryin to use the fact my dad kissed a girl when he was like 10 yrs old n her dad overreacted!) She was 4 years old back then she just turned 17 yrs old a few days ago and I have not had my daughter since (which put a strain on the relationship we do have) and go figure i also have a 13 yr old son who has been in my custody since day of birth (if i was such a abuser wouldnt I have done it to him as well??) I HATE these people with a passion. I was never charged with anything. CPS SUCKS! I hope things go well for you!! DONT EVER GIVE UP! Tell ur son DONT EVER GIVE UP either! I have so much more to my story but its so long to type but this is the just of it all! GOOD LUCK!