Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Over the time that my grandson and his sister have been under the jurisdiction of CPS, many different "investigators" have come to talk with me. Some have what I would say would be "pertinent" information that really matters when taken into consideration, meaning that some have my son's entire history. I never told them anything. I've even been accused of hiding information about my son, because I don't "disclose" this information up front to certain people. It's not that I'm "hiding" information. It's that I assume that if one investigator knows the information, then all of them should have the same information, RIGHT? It's like one hand doesn't know, what the other hand is doing. They are so highly inefficient. And you would think that if something is "public record", and one investigator has it, then all of the investigators would have it. I have at this point, talked to four investigators, two of which have questioned me specifically about something that is on my son's record. They found the information, and then asked me about it. At one point, the Supervising Children's Social Worker, says something to me like, "you make these allegations and then have nothing to back it up with." He was talking about a specific thing about my son. I don't say anything because I'm not sure what to say, he didn't know about it or is he trying to catch me in a lie or trying to catch me "hiding information" which he had accused me of earlier, and I'm thinking, "but your investigator, who works right in your office, showed me that they have evidence of that information that she had obtained herself" that morning, what the hell is going on here? And it is of such a serious nature that it can't be overlooked if they really are considering ever placing the children with my son again. So, I am at a loss. I don't know what to say or what to do. I feel like I am spinning out of control in the twilight zone. THEY ARE ALL SO INCONSISTENT. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AN AGENCY THAT HAS THE ULTIMATE CONTROL OVER THE LIVES OF CHILDREN!!!!! So, I have this question, if this particular event in my son's past is not fully considered, by all parties, in the time period he is "working the program" and then "someone" discovers it at a later date (someone with half a brain), like after they have returned the children to him, do they come back out, and take the children back into custody at a later date, further disrupting their lives? It appears to me that they can do WHATEVER they want to do, at any time. They have a record that is SET IN STONE that can never be altered, so can they make a new case if they discover what would be old evidence, that they newly discovered at a later time? I think that would be, what is known in law, as double jeopardy, but even though they have it, not all of them have it!!!! THIS IS GOING ON IN LOS ANGELES.

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