Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So I am supposed to get a one hour visit with my grandson today. It is a one hour visit because supposedly I have child abuse allegations in my past, which I've just talked with someone at "the department" about, and now recall what this might be about. In 1996, my son was in a school that was a "more restricted environment". As part of the AB3632 services in California he was supposed to get counseling one hour a week at that school and that was provided for by the County of Los Angeles under AB3632, it was called "wrap around" services. So how does this make me a child abuser? In fact during that time, we were doing everything to make sure that my son was supervised around the clock, by having him at home with us, then the bus picked him up for this special school and then would drop him off at my husband's shop after school so that he would be there with his step-father until he would come home in the afternoon. We didn't want him to ever be home alone unsupervised, and this is when he is 15 years old, so you know how difficult that was. So because of this record that CPS has about me, they will only give me a one hour visit and it is supervised. Does this mean I'm not supposed to have any children in my care at any time? How totally inconsistent. How could a child abuser be allowed to be a Pediatric Registered Nurse? and, If I go and pick up my other grandaughter or grandson from their parent's house, does that mean that CPS can come in and swoop them up because they are with their abusive grandmother? WHAT A CROCK OF (*&^ %$#@!!!!!!

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