Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So with all of the things I've written previously, do you tell the truth, hide the truth, or just flat out lie? Since I've been an adult, I've always told the truth even to my detriment. And even when you are telling the truth, you are accused of lying or "hiding" the truth. This is how inconsistent CPS is? I feel like I am going crazy, and yet I know, I am not crazy. When my son is not involved in my life, I don't have these problems. He spent 5 1/4 years in a prison. During that time, my life was so peaceful. He has been out for almost one year, and even though he appears to be doing well, my life has spiraled out of control. And now, I have a little grandson, taken into custody by CPS, and all of CPS seems to be inconsistent, just a twist more inconsistent than my son, who is very inconsistent. Very scary when I consider the child.


  1. I have read all of your posts, and I have to agree with you "WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?". I can not believe what you are writing!!! I live in Texas and our CPS system is not any better! I have a brother and his wife that have been dealing with CPS for the past year and a half. His children were taken away (and they needed to be) and my sister was the "foster parent". The CPS worker had given my brother and his wife a list of things that they had to complete befroe the children would be returned to them. The NEVER did anything and the children were returned back to then after 10 months of living in a stable invironment and a loving home. My brother and his wife were and probably are still addicted to drugs and are alcoholics. They neglect their children. She has been diagnosed as a psycho and does not take her medication. I have to agree that our government system is one SCREWED UP system. I will be praying for you and the baby for a safe return to you or your son!!!

  2. I will say that my son is doing EVERYTHING that he can to get the baby back. He is going to all classes and I do believe he is getting better. And I believe it is because he has gotten a job, goes to all scheduled classes, goes to see his son at scheduled meetings, and so on and so forth. And I believe that he will become a great father, if he can get through all of this. But because of his past, I am affraid somewhere, that someone will say, this will preclude you from having your child back EVER. I'm not sure how something like this works. First of all, this is the first baby that I've ever been in contact with that has been taken into CPS custody, and my son is the only person I know that has ever gone to a prison, not just a jail, but a State Prison in two different States. I don't know anyone else, or have ever had any contact with anyone else that has. So I have two situations that are to me, very abnormal. First of all State Prison which I have dealt with the impact for 10 years, and second, CPS which I have never dealt with in my life. I am 50 years old, and never have dealt with such complex problems. I thought my son was bad when he was young, but this is like the movie, The Hangover, where you think JUST WHAT ELSE CAN HAPPEN?