Friday, July 31, 2009


I have just gotten an offer on a house that I own in another State. This is probably what the cost of this will be for me, my house. I am hiring counsel next week and the cost will be a house. How fair is that? This particular house, is one of my son's favorite houses. It has a special meaning for both me and him. I wrote my children's book there and he met his wife there. He wanted to keep it forever, and I do wish I could have kept it for them. When I first put it up on the market he was upset, but I felt that me being home with the baby for the duration was more important, and the way things work with me, I might be able to buy the place back in the future. I haven't told him yet. The house that you loved is going to be gone, in what I believe will be the cost to protect his kids. So, because CPS took the kids, and I only get to see my grandson one hour a week, and I am afraid that CPS is trying to adopt these kids out to adoptive parents, instead of keeping them within the family (I spoke to the other grandmother last week, she hasn't heard from anyone about this), and I feel that I need to rise to this occasion and fight for these children, so that sometime later, much later if necessary, they can be returned to their parents, I am selling one of our houses. One that meant so much to all of us. One that we had a history at. But our kids are much more important than this house. I had put it up on the market when the baby was placed with me. I figured I would rearrange my life and stay home with the child until he was older anyway. But now I feel that I will use the money to pay attorney's fees, so that we can just keep custody of these children. How fair is that? Thank God I have resources. What do people do who don't?

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