Saturday, August 1, 2009

Have had a Migraine all day long....

and signed papers this morning to sell the house. Hope that counter offer is accepted so that I can fund the attorney next week. I received an e-mail from someone today. This is what it said. I've changed the names.

"I've had to fight Children services in Colorado with Sandy and it was a nightmare. You are right, they have the power of God and let you know it. They run amock and no one can stop them They don't call them The SS for nothing my dear. The really messed my daughter up. We were best friends when they took her from me in 96 and it took a full year before me and Terry got her back and she was a mess. It took another 7 yrs and the death of her father before we could repair the damage those people did to her. We are very close now but they are pigs and even now some 13 years later I hate them with a passion. They are thugs. and rufefull bastards and may they rot in hell."

I'm wondering about the damage too. I know it is taking a toll on me both emotionally and financially.

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