Monday, August 3, 2009


The attorney mentioned that an attorney had taken a case all the way to the 9th District Circuit Court of Appeal about this "index" of child abusers, and that nothing had been changed. Anybody can report anybody, at any time, whether right or wrong, and it becomes set in stone. But two can play at this game. Do you know any CPS workers with children? Do they look like they could be child abusers? I think in fact, all of them might be child abusers (Actually I've rethought this, and think there are some that may really think they are doing the best for the masses). And I do think that everyone should be judged as an individual.

Now in the context above, how liable are the social workers that put the children in the care of others when the children come injured or even worse, come out dead?

I need to look up this case and read it carefully. We all do. ANY OF US CAN BECOME VICTIM AT ANY TIME.

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