Sunday, August 9, 2009


My psych eval has been scheduled at Kasier Permanente out here in California. I just can't get it quickly enough. As my attorney stated, you would assume that if you are a Registered Nurse in good standing, which I am, (anyone can look me up on the California Board of Registered Nurses, and in several other States also), you would assume that I would have cleared all background checks. Which I believe I have. So when I get the evaluation, then what will prevent them from giving my grandson and his big sister (who is two years old) back to me?

What damage have they cause these kids? It has been speculated to me that there was an injury on the baby's head and that they are trying to cover it up by not giving him back until it heals. That has been suggested to me by many medical personnel. I had my son go to the hospital records department and order the records which I believe I can get tomorrow. What is it like for the two year old to be pulled from a foster home that she has been in for five months, with a wonderful woman who put her in gymnastics and given to a "foster" mon. The difference is that one of them wants to really be a mom and can't have kids of her own. The other one does it for a paycheck. And the totally stupid thing is that my son doesn't seem to mind or realize how damaging this might be to the minds of the young...

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