Sunday, August 2, 2009


I wonder what would happen if all of the kids that had been taken by CPS, when they were older as adults, if they still felt strongly that it was wrong and that it hurt them, got together and filed a class action suit against CPS, would that change anything? Could they or would they be able to change anything? It is inevitable that these children will get older and come through this system. I actually do know of one. I might not be able to track him down. I talked with him extensively because I am a nurse and this was before I ever got involved with CPS. He was a victim of the foster care system, working as a "boy of the night" in Las Vegas, the last time I talked to him. But then, kids can have everything, a wonderful home, great Christmases, lots of friends, over the top birthday parties, soccor, Disneyland passes, hiking on Sunday mornings, all of it, they had everything, and still it didn't matter. They do what they do and become what they are. (Opps, I forgot, we can't sue the government because they know best for all of us.)

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