Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This just hit me. Last week when I visited with my grandson, there were two of the CPS personnel there taking notes. I asked why two? They said because one was in training.

My son told me this last week. CPS wanted me to have a psych eval, because they felt that I was experiencing "stress" related to them taking the baby away from my care. Well of course, I am. Who wouldn't? With all of the stories that come out in the news, on it seems like a daily basis, of children dying in their care. Who wouldn't be scared to death?

But this just hit me. My son also said that when the two year old was pulled out of my arms by the "better" foster mother, that the two CPS personnel standing there saw nothing wrong or out of the ordinary. OF COURSE NOT, IT'S CALLED KEEPING YOUR JOB!!! They are biased to keep their County jobs. What a racket! And they all get paid.....

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