Tuesday, August 18, 2009


How is it that everything is misconstrued by CPS to fit their best interest? My son has told me that the Supervising Social Worker has now told him, when he visited with the baby on Monday, that in the medical record, the reason that it says "slight bruise R side head" is because that is what the foster mom was telling the assessing medical personnel. First of all, (and I am a nurse at this hospital) the first assessment was done by a triage nurse and on that assessment it says that the baby has been brought to the hospital for "head pain". How is anyone going to know if a baby has head pain, since a two month old baby can't tell anyone he has head pain? We might know if the baby is crying. However, this is where the nurse would ask the patient or parent why the baby was brought in. The second assessment which was done 1 1/2 hours later by a completely different nurse is where the nurse noted the bruised area. On that assessment we would not be asking anyone anything as far as input into the assessment. I have now reviewed the record again to see if the foster mother was present and it is not clear if she was present at that assessment or not. It is just amazing to me that EVERYTHING is construed to fit CPS's interests. I wonder how it will go down in Court?

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