Sunday, August 2, 2009

Looked at the Blog from Lastnight....

What I really wonder the most at this point are several things: Hoping the pictures I took where only shadows in the pictures and not an injury or illness; How much damage, and how insecure will the two year old be, being taken out of a house that was very stable that she had lived in for four months? and knowing the concern of my son and his wife about keeping the kids together....with that in mind; would CPS be able to adopt these two little precious kids together in a home if they find that I am unacceptable and my son and his wife are unreunifiable? It seems to be that they are eliminating all of us, one by one. Although the Supervising Social Worker told me at this point their job is to follow the Court orders and proceed with unification with the parents, he also did say that there is concurrent planning, in the event that is not possible. So how long do these poor little kids stay in a foster home?

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