Monday, August 3, 2009


Today I saw the second attorney. She already knew what Michael Antonovich's office had done in response to my letters and phone calls. She told me that one of his "assistants" had referred it back to one of the CPS office supervisors, and that still nothing got done. And that is exactly what happened. She pointed out that they all believe that this is "normal" and the way everyone lives. So today I also picked up paperwork from the CPS office in which I am requesting the records that they purportedly have against me (it took them 45 minutes to get the paper out to the lobby to me). She said I will never get these records, if they even exisit. She says that she requests records all of the time that she never gets. The attorney looked at the paperwork, and I looked at the paperwork, that they have given me. She concurred, it made no sense. It is about a case that doesn't exist and says that I have to file a supporting JV-570 petition form for the case. There was never a case as far as I know, and you have to have had an open case in order to file a JV-570. It makes no sense. And she told me that these people answer to no one and most have never worked in any other capacity, other than the jobs they have, so they know nothing of the outside world and what goes on.

She agreed with me that these children may never be reunified with the parents and then she said that they might. If they ever are, I think my son should take his family far, way out of California, and never draw any attention to them by ever having the cops called for anything. This is so scarey.

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