Thursday, August 6, 2009

I just become exhausted.....

I got my one hour visit with my grandson yesterday. I was supposed to be able to visit with his two year old sister also. She ran up to me and jumped into my arms when she saw me. Immediately the "better" foster mom, grabbed her out of my arms and informed me that I wasn't allowed to see her. I said, "wait there is a court order that I am allowed to visit with her." At that point she was drug away by this woman. Two social workers sat there and watched. How confusing to that child. What must she think? And how awful for her!!! I need to report that woman to the child abuse hotline for dragging that poor child out of there like a rag doll, and it scares me to death that she is taking care of my grandson!!!!!!

The day before a Supervising Social Worker suggested that I had touched the photos of my grandson's head. First of all they were taken with the older iPhone. They are still on my iPhone and there is no application that I know of for retouching photos on an iPhone. He suggested that I put them on the computer and somehow they are now on the iPhone. If he knew how stupid that iPhone is about receiving photos, he would know this isn't possible and that they never would show up in the iPhone's album in the order that they are.

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