Thursday, August 6, 2009

Read the following and tell me what you think???

This is a portion of a letter that I wrote to social services today:

I have just been informed by my son that you are planning on allegating that I am mentally unstable because I "fabricate" whatever? I have pictures taken on an iPhone at my first one hour visit, that I was allowed two weeks after my grandson was removed from my home, that show "something". I'm not sure what. It was suggested, by the Assistant Regional Administrator in a phone conversation that I had with him on August 4, 2009 that I had "retouched" these photos somehow. They are on the old iPhone in a camera roll in a photo album. I know of no application that will retouch photos on an iPhone. If any of you have one and know of one please let me know. I wouldn't know how to do it anyway. The old iPhone is very limited in receiving photographs so I couldn't have sent retouched photos back to a camera roll. That is why Apple came up with the new iPhone. I am limited in knowledge of computers and cameras anyway, that's why I use an iPhone camera. We can have experts look at this if it becomes an issue.

Also, it was suggested that I sent these photos out in e-mails to other parties. I may have sent a photo of this to my husband asking if I was imagining this, and I asked the ARA in a phone conversation that I had with him on August 29th if he would like me to send pictures to him, which he declined. I did show the pictures to a social worker (unrelated to this case), a PICU nurse, a nursing instructor and a physician. I asked all of them if they saw anything unusual in these pictures and hands down they all pointed out what I noticed.

Just look at it this way: if I were caring for this baby, I would be doing neuro checks, and measuring the head circumference for a time to see if there was any change. Did the caregiver have the knowledge or expertise to do this? But since I am only allowed to see this child one hour a week, I have no chance to reassess the situation. So what I am supposed to do, as a Registered Nurse practicing a reasonable duty of care? I came back to the office, and showed the pictures to everyone involved and asked that the baby be seen by a physician. I was informed on July 30, 2009 by the Supervising Children's Social Worker that the baby had been seen by a physician at AV Hospital. Now knowing AV Hospital as I do, and the physicians in the ER, my next question was, which is a reasonable question: Was a CT Scan done? To which I never got an answer. So how crazy does the above sound to you?

I have seen the baby yesterday on August 5th. He appears to be "normal" with some discoloration on his head. I would still be monitoring the above if he were in my care.

My next question is: Whom do you want this "mental evaluation" to come from? A physician that has known me for 25+ years (not family related to me), would someone with a Master's in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine do, someone who knows me for the last two years, or a Kaiser evaluation? I believe I can produce one quickly from two of the above (the Kaiser one may take a while). How many do you want? Just let me know.

THE ABOVE IS AN EXERPT FROM A LETTER SENT TO CPS TODAY. WHAT DO YOU THINK? IS THIS CRAZINESS? I just scheduled a full psych eval on myself for them.

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